Monday, January 2, 2012

Interactive Billboard at The Cobra Lounge

Back in August 4th of 2011, Sensebellum met up with the good people from The Cobra Lounge in Bellingham Washington. We met up to see what we could do with some projections on the front of the building. The Cobra Lounge, by the way is a Hookah Bar in the middle of downtown Bellingham with locations in both Tacoma and Seattle.

After meeting with Niko "Nikology" Ritter he was on board and we got the green light. After checking out the location, we thought that projections on the front of the building, the billboard that carried the logo, would be the best place for it. On top of this, we decided it best to add an element of interaction that would synthesize the senses - part of our motto. So, we hooked up the microphone, aligned the projectors and mapped the building's front.

It was really interesting to see how people reacted to the installation. With the projectors out of the way most were awed at not only the precision, but the polished look: no cords or equipment laying around. As they approached, their voices, footsteps, and laughter would alter the front of the sign dynamically. Furthermore, people could walk up and grab the microphone. Some would beatbox, some would talk, other would say gibberish but it all came down to the point. People interacting with the physical environment in a way that blended the senses in new ways thanks to innovative uses of technology. That is what we do and we enjoyed doing it!

Once again, thanks to The Cobra Lounge in Bellingham, to Niko, and to all those that came by.