Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Projection Mapping on the Herald Building

This last week, we had the amazing opportunity of getting to projection map on the Bellingham Herald building for WWU's back to school event!

Our minds were blown by how awesome the whole event turned out!  The energy was great the entire time as Bellingham greeted the new students in style! The event featured changing the Herald sign to blue for the first time ever accompanied by an exciting firework show!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Projection Mapping at Bumbershoot 2016

Bumbershoot is a gem of Seattle stemming back to 1971. Showcasing all things art in the Pacific Northwest scene, this vibrant 3-day gathering had many branches to offer: music performances on many different stages of all genres, various art showcases, and our projections on the Seattle Center International Fountain and trees by the Fisher Green Stage.

Rounding out the 2016 season, this production was special for us. It was an amazing feeling being able to present our new capabilities projecting our original content and a live feed from the Fisher Green Stage on unconventional objects such as the International Fountain and tree line. 

Spending all weekend seeing visitors of the event connect with our work from taking group photos to just sitting and watching was truly an exciting and uplifting way to end what was already an amazing season!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Summer Meltdown Festival 2016

Summer Meltdown is a unique and captivating festival that has placed itself at a zenith within the Pacific Northwest scene. From river swimming with thousands of our best friends, to amazing music on three different stages, to the great vibes carried through the entire weekend by all the festival goers, Summer Meltdown has placed itself in our hearts as a highlight of each summer.

The Summer Meltdown this year was a three part endeavor for us. Divided into two teams, our crew assembled both the CUBIX modular stage to showcase talent from around the world and the Sensatorium for all people to come in and discover emerging technologies while dabbling in the arts themselves. For the third part of this project, we helped coordinated artists from all over coming to share their awesome creations and teach workshops. Some of the artists setup in a second dome we brought with us and decorated with custom tailored fabric pieces.

Special thanks to everyone from our crew and the festival that help make this amazing event possible!  This project could not happen each year were it not for the hard work, dedication and creativity of our team and the constant focus and expertise of our team leaders.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Projection Mapping at Capitol Hill Block Party 2016

Capitol Hill Block Party is an amazing event which takes place in the heart of Seattle's booming and vibrant Capitol Hill neighborhood. The event has been going on for years and recreates the area, crafting the space into a glistening urban theatre.

Success at this festival requires the creative and custom software applications that we've written and refined each year since 2013. The software takes a live feed given to us from the stage and then projects it up onto two buildings central to the event.  We add to it with subtle yet vibrant custom made visual content.

This year, there was plenty of striking and beautiful visual content to project from amazing live sets by Big Wild, Chvrches, Crystal Castles, Washed Out and Seattle favorites Odesza!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Winter at the EMP Sky Church with SOL

After the rains come The Pacific Northwest heads inside for a few months to dodge the drops and keep the show going.

There is no place better than the Experience Music Project's "Sky Church". This massive room has an even more massive LED wall, a large array of moving lights, and one of the best designed museums covering all things sound and music - a true playground.

We were invited to create and mix visuals for a performance by local Hip-Hop sensation, SOL. We met with him and got a feel for what he wanted to accomplish visually. We received some video footage from SOL's travels abroad and also composited some original visuals.

Check out some shots from the performance gathered by Groove Merchant Northwest as well as a sizzle reel of the best visuals below.

SPARK! Festival of Creativity 2016

This last Spring, we went on one of our farthest reaching adventures yet driving from Bellingham, WA down to Mesa, AZ!  We made the haul from the Pacific Northwest to the Valley of the Sun to attend the SPARK! Festival of Creativity which is an amazing gathering of artists and innovators hosted by the hardworking staff at the Mesa Arts Center every Spring.

The event was a great opportunity to bring back the Sandboxes of Life and to introduce Mesa to the Sensatorium!  The Sensatorium featured many new interactive art pieces including a wave pool oscilloscope, a DIY microscope station, 3D printers supplying endless mind opening objects and a multi-sensory beat station.

It was quite the adventure and well worth the journey to see so many people engaging with and enjoying our creations!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Permanent Projection Mapping at Hotel Z

Earlier this year, we set about one of our most exciting projects yet, setting up a permanent projector installation for Hotel Z of Pineapple Hospitality in San Diego, CA!

The project started with proofing the projector against the elements and developing the software and infrastructure Hotel Z creatives would need to maintain the projector and update content.  The next step was heading down the coast on an amazing drive from one corner of the U.S. to another.

We created swatches for their creatives to choose from to make sure the content being projected would be in sync with their brand identity. Using those swatches, we then created custom content for the installation with the beautiful greater San Diego area as our muse.  Then, after some rooftop projection mapping, the installation was successfully in place in the beautiful historic heart of San Diego!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Natural and Digital Worlds Collide at the Seattle Art Museum Remix

When the Seattle Art Museum contacted us to be a part of the SAM Remix we were thrilled for the opportunity to showcase some newer ideas we've begun incorporating recently!

We transformed the space into a multi-sensory experience showcasing many ways in which the natural and digital worlds blend together.  This featured separate video installations demonstrating computer learning via genetic algorithms, micro and macroscopic footage of similar patterns forming due to mechanical and natural processes and the Sandboxes of Life each in a unique mode.

Thanks to the Seattle Art Museum and their spectacular team who helped put on this amazing event!  Here are some pictures of our showcase: