Sunday, July 10, 2016

Augmented Reality with the Kinect v2 and an ASUS B1M

Checking in for a moment while researching and experimenting in the lab with the new Kinect v2.

There is now a great library for the Mac OSX that leverages the full features of the Kinect v2 inside of the Processing IDE.

Pair that with the great ASUS B1M and you have a nice and compact combo for augmented reality projects.

These pictures show what kind of field of view one can attain using the two in concert. created a truly excellent Field of View (FOV) viewer for the Kinect v2 AND the Kinect v1.

Look for some more action in our augmented reality terrarium, "The Sandbox of Life" this summer!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

CUBIX, Plants, and Artifact Art Gallery in Seattle

Found a good place to exhibit some pieces of our CUBIX Modular Stage System as an installation art piece in Seattle via the Artifact Art Gallery.

Always fun to splash it up and remix the CUBIX in new ways and for different uses.

Made of acrylic, aluminum, the structure can be stood on, leaned against, and has clearly audible birds and waves crashing in the distance as one walks by.

Check out more info on Artifact Art Gallery's event down in Pioneer Square here: Power Clash!