Thursday, July 27, 2017

Finishing up the Capitol Hill Block Party 2017

Another stellar year at the Capitol Hill Block Party in the heart of Capitol Hill in Seattle, WA.

It all started in 2012 with some simple projections and it has now grown to multiple buildings all equipped with stunning 3D visuals all set with the live video feed from near the main stage.

Even though it is a bigger production every year it is great to find time to enjoy the scenery. The CHBP has a lot to offer and so does the surrounding city as well.

Many thanks to all the fine staff at CHBP, Neumos, the security, the crew - Trevor, Tristan, Cody, & Anthony - plus all the awesome people who make this such a highlight of our summer every year. Thank you!

Find out more about the live projection mapping on our website here:

Monday, June 19, 2017

Augmented Reality Sandbox at Commercial Street Night Market in Bellingham

It was an honor to bring out the world famous "Sandbox of Life" interactive art installation to the Commercial Street Night Market in Bellingham this June.

The night market is a great gathering of all things art, music, foods, and culture in Bellingham. It is put on by the Downtown Bellingham Partnership and there are a few each month, each summer.

For this occasion we transformed a bike lock area into a next level enter for innovative new media art. We did this by bringing out one of the Sandboxes of Life. This is a great way to engage with people as it is very interesting to look at and really draws people in. All you need to do is move the sand around and it comes to life before your eyes.

Add to that a few of the CUBIX Modular Staging System pieces, a few digital LED tubes, and some plants and the stage was set for a real good time!

Make sure to check out more on what Sensebellum can offer over at the website here:

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Projection Mapping for Paint Bham' Blue & WWU

Wow, that was a great time watching those fireworks pop off while the projection mapping lit up the skyline.

Such was "Paint Bham Blue", an event put on by Western Washington University that celebrates the arrival of the newest freshman class by throwing an event downtown and welcoming the students in.

We were happy to contribute our favorite blend of projection mapping. We crafted a 3D model and outline of the building and then handed the assets off to the WWU design team. When they were finished rendering it was time to let it shine through 30k lumens of light cast onto the awesome architecture of the historic Herald building.

See the rest of our mapping rapport at

The Sandbox of Life Art Installation at What The Festival 2015

Fresh from the memories of What The Festival 2015 is a great video detailing some of the Sensebellum experiences at the 3 day music festival.

2 of the famous Sandboxes of Life collaborated to bring a geodesic dome to life in the Illuminated Forest section of the festival grounds.

At it's core the art installation uses augmented reality and projection mapping to bring to life the sandy terrain which you can sculpt and play with. It's a perfect interaction for a music festival because patrons can get so creative inside and the possibilities are really never ending.

Find out more about the full lineup of original art installations at:

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Neptune Theater Projection Mapping

This weekend we had the pleasure of being brought on by Do206 to do projection mapped visuals and a stage setup for the show Manatee Commune on Ice!

The show was a fun opportunity to employ a few tricks. We brought with us projection mapped visuals custom made and fit for the Neptune Theater's ceiling, our CUBIX modular staging system and some snow machines that turned out to be a great source of excitement.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Projection Mapping at Pacific Place

We are excited to announce that from November 25th to December 31st, we will be projecting custom made visual content onto Pacific Place in downtown Seattle from Nordstrom on 6th Avenue.

The content was a ton of fun to make and features everything from winter time classics such as a stop motion of the building being recreated as a gingerbread house to vivid winter sprites dancing around the architecture.

Projections will run in the evening each day so please stop by and check out our hard work!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Projection Mapping for the Seattle Art Museum Yves Saint Laurent Debut

Earlier this month, we were honored to get to do projections at the debut of the Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. Yves Saint Laurent is a legendary French fashion designer known for his edgy decisions through a rich 44-year career.  It was an honor to help with such a well crafted event dedicated to such a daring artist!

The task involved the blending of three separate projectors across a wide screen we were projecting on from the rear.  The screen was flanking the Seattle Art Museum's Grand Staircase for guests to enjoy complete with breathtaking statues and red carpet!

Our projections were only for the debut but the exhibit will remain open to the public at the Seattle Art Museum from October 11th, 2016 to January 8th, 2017.  Click here for more info on the exhibit!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Sound Reactive Moving Head Lights

Recently, we tried to challenge ourselves to find more custom ways to drive moving head lights!  One such method we came across that had us very excited was using the output from real-time audio analyzers as inputs for the moving head lights!

The process involved building a custom application in Quartz Composer that took audio from our computer's music player and passed it through a real time analyzer (RTA).  The RTA, based on the gain of a certain frequency, would raise or lower a bar on an output image corresponding to that frequency.

That image was then used as an input for MadMapper.  In MadMapper, we then mapped DMX outputs over ArtNet to the moving head light's tilt to be the average luminosity of rectangles mapped over the minimums and maximums of the RTA bars.  The end result is the gain of a specific frequency would control the input value for a specific movers tilt.  The results were pretty cool!

Controlling Moving Head Lights with Hand Movements

Ever wished you could control stage lights with your hands?  With a combination of creative software and hardware applications, we've made this a possibility!

The process starts with using a Leap Motion sensor to determine the location of each one of your fingers then use those as inputs.  The inputs are sent off to Quartz Composer where we programmed a custom app to change the black/white balance in boxes corresponding to each finger.  Then, that image is sent off to MadMapper where the boxes are mapped to ArtNet DMX outputs to the movers corresponding to pan and tilt.

For our project, we decided to make one hand control pan and the other control tilt.  Of course, each finger also controls a different moving head light! 

Once the final system is in place, the learning curve for controlling moving head lights using DMX is gone and anyone can step up to the plate and control the lights!  You're going to want to use a MIDI controller or mouse to control certain functions such as color, strobe and gobo or there are still plenty more options using the Leap Motion device yet to be discovered!

Check out this system in use at the Summer Meltdown Festival in Darrington, WA here!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Cubicity Success Story

It's wild looking back on the progress that has been made here at Sensebellum in the past few years.
From daydreaming with the Kinect to realizing multiple projectors at once, all the way to realizing those day dreams with a 3D printer, it has been very enjoyable.
We are now turning our energy towards using these skills for more constructive approaches. Building upon previous innovation and gearing it more towards technology and ideas that benefit more people.
Take a gander on the nice words Cubicity had to say during a recent interview for their new website here: