Friday, April 22, 2016

Focal Lengths and Geodesic Dome Buzz

Trying out some new lenses and cameras for documenting this summer's action and good times. Strolled downtown Seattle near South lake Union and found the new Amazon "spheres".

Here is a nice shot from the journey.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Arduino and Raspberry Pi Collaborate with a Little 3D Printing

Getting handy with the printing for an upcoming collaboration between a Arduino and a Raspberry Pi electronic platform.

End objective is to grab sensor data from the Arduino. The Arduino can handle 5v logic out of the box whereas the Raspberry Pi requires 3.3v logic out of the box. So we'll send it via USB as serial data. MIDI is also a handy method. Just hack a MIDI interface like this. To make use of this data we'll use Processing 3 (now available on the Raspberry Pi) to read the data, write to a file in a comma-separated-value format (CSV). We'll use Processing to then display this data while reading it from the file.

This can be used on many different projects.
Here are some files for the mounting brackets:

Raspberry Pi TFT 7" Touchscreen Mounting Bracket

Wireless Keyboard Mounts

Mounting Bracket for Arduino Uno & Breadboard Acrylic Plate via Adafruit