Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Live From Space! Premier

On Jan 31st, Sensebellum teamed up with the musicians of CUFF LYNX, Manatee Commune, and Vice Versa, to create an emergent experience at the Wild Buffalo in Bellingham, Wa, incorporating both the natural and the digital; sound, sight, smell, as well as the physical. This is Live From Space!

Taking the electronic performance paradigm one step further, all musicians performed in the flesh with instruments that fed into a real time network of multiple devices and peripherals. Stacking on top of many modern themes were real plants embedded into a futuristic spacecraft piloted by those mentioned above. See below for some stage shots

The night was also a successful debut for SimplMix, a visual performance platform developed in-house.

Check the website for more details on upcoming shows and developments.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Emergent Education

"Wolfram thus arrived at his methodology for complexity science: instead of analyzing the natural patterns of the world to arrive at knowledge, one could search through the "computational universe" for patterns found in the natural world, and know their rule immediately with out necessarily understanding their behaviors, which for complex system defies analysis." - Emergent Urbanism Blog

Working with some new technology in the studio, looking forward to a new kind of experience.