Monday, May 2, 2016

AOK LED Projector Vs Reality

KED projectors are really great. They are low power, nice and bright, and have a reputable image quality. They are getting cheaper by the day. Soon they will outpace conventional arc lamp based projector. That day may not have happened yet...

On Amazon there is a listing for a $400 4,200 lumen LED projector from the AOK brand.

A great benchmark for comparison is the Epson 1960 Powerlite. A great projector that ruthfully outputs 5,000 lumens.

After pulling the AOK projector put of the box it was clear to see the claim of 4,200 lumens was extremely exaggerated if not false. The Epson should only be a little bit brighter. However there was no comparison....

One step further, there was an ASUS B1M LED projector to compare it to. The ASUS runs at 700 lumens. Even at 700 lumens it was still much brighter than the AOK, rated at 4,200 lumens.