Sunday, March 27, 2016

Painting on the Bellingham Skyline

Last Friday was the Commercial Street Night Market put on by The Downtown Bellingham Partnership. It was the first gathering of the season where anyone in town can come show their crafts, share their food, perform music, and engage in all things merry and community.

Sensebellum was sought to provide some really engaging interactive art installations for the occasion. We had one up our sleeve and it was the right time!

The installation, yet to be officially named, lets anyone jump up and paint on massive buildings from the ground!

We thought this would tie in the space and playfulness of the occasion nicely. We took careful measurements of the building and then 3D printed a scaled down replica. From there we used a video feed of the model and projected the video, in real time, onto the building.

All you needed was a brush, some paint, and badda boom badda bing you were painting on 4 stories of architecture. Each stroke on the model matched ink for ink on the building. What you painted was what you saw. Kids, grandparents, and everyone in between lit up as they saw the dynamics of the interactions taking place.

Look for this installation and many other this summer around Bellingham, Washington, The Pacific Northwest, and abroad!