Thursday, March 12, 2015

3D Printing at Sensebellum

3D printing has become nearly ubiquitous in the realm of engineering and new media art forms. The ability to use a relatively inexpensive machine to print out copies of a design is wonderful and extremely enabling - especially for those in the field of new media arts and production.

Custom electronics enclosures, stage models, spare parts, the list goes on.

It has not come without great trial and error, nor can it do everything. The future of 3D printing is using multiple types of materials and embedding other parts within the print - electronics, metal nuts and bolts, etc - with this we can build things that can do much more than just plastic alone.

It is an exciting time to be an engineer.

Here are a few snapshots of projects that have been realized through the use of the shop 3D printer from the Sensebellum Instagram.

From left to right: a mold for casting optics out of resin. A custom infrared enclosure. A 1/4-20 nut embedded halfway through a print. A custom infrared camera enclosure.