Sunday, March 3, 2013

Return to SOURCE

This being Sensebellum's 2nd year at SOURCE, it felt like coming home.

Not only is there an extremely high contrast between the raw jungle and the refine technology and ideas present, but they actually work in conjunction to provide a new model for living.

From space travel to festivals composting and growing their own food, these ideas - and more - were brought up and openly discussed during scheduled speeches and informal gatherings. it was great.

To boot, the live coding was off the charts. We collaborated with a Maui local, Scott Provonsha, on his sound/sand cymatics and integrated our feedback based cellular autonoma code on top of it. The result was amazing. Video to come soon. On top of this, the festival was built around participation and interaction so all of the digital installations had some dynamic element.

It was a great year and we are excited back here at the office to implement these new ideas and more. Stay on the lookout this spring for some great outdoor events in the pacific northwest!